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June 26 @ 11:30 am

Impact of COVID19 on the Wealth Management Industry


Impact of COVID19 on the Wealth Management Industry Victor Matarranz, Global Head of Santander Wealth Management and Insurance at Banco Santander

How will the industry evolve in the coming months/years as a result, and how technology will play a role?

Covid-19 has given rise to a lot of uncertainty – many known unknowns. Wealth Management and Private Banking, as many areas of banking, has been facing many challenges be it maintaining competitive advantage in an era of record wealth inheritance, and effective management of costs related to compliance in the resultant avalanche of regulation post the financial crisis of 2008.

Victor Mattaranz will provide his insights on the wealth management business, how Covid-19 is impacting strategy, where he sees opportunities, where the challenges are for them and their investors, and, critically, how technology, Fintech, fits into the future of the industry.


During the fireside chat starting at 11h00 am (CET), Victor and Nasir will engage in a conversation providing answers to the following questions.

  • What are the key challenges of the Wealth Management industry and Santander in particular?
  • How are firms re-positioning themselves in the changing world – where are firms putting resources and capital to invest in future competitiveness?
  • What will the industry look like in 5 years time – how will the needs of clients and other factors, such as technology, have reshaped the market and the way firms deliver services?

Followed by live Q&A

Victor Matarranz is Senior Executive Vice President, Head of Group Strategy and VP of the Executive Chairman’s Office at Banco Santander. He is in charge of articulating the Group’s overall strategy, working together with the leadership team of the main 10 markets in which Santander operates in Europe and the Americas. He is also in charge of strategic and inorganic projects. He is a member of the Board of Santander US. Prior to that, he was the Director of Strategy and Chief of Staff to the CEO in Santander UK, where he spent more than 2 years shaping the Strategy of the bank and leading the innovation group. Before joining Santander in early 2012, Victor was a partner at McKinsey&Company, working in retail banking in Spain, Portugal, UK, US, Chile, Mexico and Brazil. He led the retail distribution and multichannel initiatives in Europe. Victor holds a Telecommunications Engineer degree by the Polytechnic University of Madrid and a MBA from London Business School. He is married with 2 children and loves music, technology and motorsports.


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