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February 10 @ 12:00 pm - 1:15 pm

How to Unlock Banking Financing Support

THE 360° OF FUNDRAISING – Discover the full value chain of fundraising in Luxembourg

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In our first series of digital events in 2021, we introduce you to key figures from across the scene of startup fundraising in Luxembourg. Angel investors, VCs, institutional investors, government support and alternative finance.

How to unlock banking financing support ✅ 

  • Are you an entrepreneur or about to start a venture?
  • Do you need access to banking services now?

If you have checked those boxes, join us next Wednesday, February 10th at 12h00 PM.

You’ll learn about:

  • Which banking services are accessible for you right now!
  • How to approach your financing stakeholders successfully!
  • And which mistakes to avoid!


12h00 – 12h35 PM – Panel Discussion – How to unlock banking financing support

Listen in and learn about:

  • Which partner to consider for which project!
  • And how to access immediate financial services!

12h35 – 12h40 PM – Quiz – Have you paid attention?

Take part in the live quiz and become a top scoring champ. The three best scoring participants will be displayed and be able to introduce themselves.

12h40 PM – 1h10 PM (Three workshops to choose from)

Workshop 1: Your in-depth guide to accessing banking support

Meet our key advisers Jean-Luc BERMES, Business Angel and Head of SME loans at BCEE and Christophe NEY, startup advisor and loan specialist at BGL BNP Paribas.

  • Workshop with BCEE –  Your in-depth guide to accessing banking support with Jean-Luc BERMES from BCEE
  • Workshop with BGL BNP Paribas – Your in-depth guide to accessing banking support with Christophe NEY from BGL BNP Paribas 

Workshop 2: How to manage your banking loans and scale with Nicolas Van Beek.

Are you struggling getting a business loan. Learn from Nicolas Van Beek how to avoid simple mistakes when first approaching your banking partners with a new project.

You will learn how to:

  • Align your business’ mission statement to your banker’s internal policies
  • And alternative financing schemes to consider

About our speakers

Jean-Luc Bermes is Head of SME and Real Estate Financing at BCEE since 2014. He is also Business Angel investing since 2017. Among his different roles at BCEE, he is in charge of adopting the EIF InnovFin Guarantee Framework and is actively involved in the set-up and implementation of the BCEE Covid-19 support measures.

Since spring 2016, Christophe Ney works in the “Pôle Innovation” of BGL BNP Paribas as focusing on support local startups in their national and international development with the right banking services. Over the last years, he also added knowledge and experience in the field of covering PSPs and their specific banking needs.

After over 20 years of a successful career in banking and insurance, Denis Kiselev moved to the fintech space to combine his passion for technology with the knowledge of financial services and regulations. In 2015, I established SnapSwap International, where we developed digital KYC solution Snaprove™, currently implemented by established financial institutions as well as fintechs. Through a strategic partnership with Mastercard he launched Everest™, a revolutionary digital credit card and payment platform for businesses.

Oriane Schoonbroodt is Co-Founder and CEO of Label R, and adjunct lecturer at the University of Luxembourg for their new MSc in Sustainable Finance. With Label R. She has created the first ESG and ethical due diligence & risk assessment tool for fund managers and private equity funds.

Nicolas Van Beek is a company management specialist. During the last 20 years, Nicolas have developed with passion companies working in the field of digital marketing, Intellectual Property, healthcare and cosmetics. He brings with me a great deal of experience related to developing businesses and building team in Europe and Asia.


(please make sure that your latest ZOOM version 5.43 is activated)


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