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October 16 @ 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Global Leaders Series with Nigel Verdon, CEO of Railsbank


Global Leaders Series with Nigel Verdon, CEO of Railsbank

“Bringing you the biggest names in Fintech”

Join us on Friday, October 16th at 12h00, to learn about Nigel’s journey on becoming one of the world’s most influential Fintech entrepreneurs.



During the virtual fireside chat with Nasir Zubairi, CEO of The LHoFT, Nigel will share his experiences from the early start as a serial entrepreneur after leaving investment banking to founding Railsbank, the pioneer in the global Banking as a service sector.

We’ll learn about some of the challenges he’s faced, what drove him to overcome those and the opportunities he has taken to setting up and running Railsbank.

We’ll also receive his unique perspective on how he sees Banking as a Service evolving in the coming months and years.

Questions from the audience will be taken live.

Nigel Verdon Biography

Nigel Verdon knows more about payments and foreign exchange than is healthy. He was an investment banker but decided to jump ship and use his expertise to build financial start up firms. Nigel founded Evolution Consulting Group, a technology advisory firm to banks and private equity firms; RabbitFX, a foreign exchange specialist for private clients; FX Capital Group, a foreign exchange specialist for corporates; and, of course, The Currency Cloud. While on the dark side, Nigel was instrumental in the hugely successful electronification strategy at Dresdner Kleinwort Investment Bank, the digital market electronic trading business. Nigel splits his time between the UK and the south of France, where he is known as England’s premier wine bore.

Railsbank, Become the Future of Finance

Railsbank is the pioneer and innovator in the global Banking as a Platform (BaaP) sector, enabling banks, businesses and brands to define the future of consumer and SME finance. Currently, Railsbank is live and enabling customers in the UK, Europe, SE Asia and the US. It is the only global BaaP player. The Railsbank platform enables marketers, product managers, developers to take their financial product vision and rapidly prototype, launch and scale their vision using its open finance platform, financial operations, regulatory licensing and rich set of APIs. Using Railsbank’s super simple APIs as building blocks, customers can build pretty much any financial use-case they can imagine, freeing up Railsbank customers to focus on delivering delightful finance experiences to consumers and businesses. Railsbank’s unique ability to innovate at speed was recently highlighted with the launch and implementation of LightningAid.org (helping people and businesses survive financially through the pandemic), which went from “idea to Apple app store” in just eight days. We spoke with their CEO Nigel Verdon

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