The VC Scholar Program

The VC Scholar Program

The VC Scholar programs offer university and business school students a unique and immersive opportunity to gain in-depth insights into the research, analysis, selection, and investment methods employed by Venture Capitalists in constructing their portfolios. In collaboration with Middlegame Ventures (MGV), a leading Fintech VC, the LHoFT delivers the VC Scholar Program.

Under the guidance of MGV’s General Partner, Pascal Bouvier, and with the support of private equity and business experts, selected participants engage in a comprehensive three-week program. Throughout this period, they work towards various milestones, including the creation of an investment memorandum. Winners of the program will have the chance to secure an internship at MGV and its partner organizations.

By immersing themselves in the VC Scholar Program, students gain invaluable hands-on experience and acquire a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in venture capital investments. They develop critical skills in research, analysis, and investment decision-making, while also forging connections within the thriving Fintech industry in Luxembourg.

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