Inclusion Africa -Togo Edition

October 16th to 20th 2023
Costs are fully covered* for selected participants

Catapult: Inclusion Africa - Togo Edition

At the LHoFT, we strongly believe that financial technology is crucial to advancing financial inclusion, empowering groups that have been left behind by the traditional financial system. Whether it’s financing for rural farmers, point of sale technology for underbanked merchants, or specialised insurance products, the positive impact being driven by entrepreneurship is improving lives around the world. As such, Financial Inclusion is a key focus of the LHoFT Foundation.

Building on the success of the previous editions of CATAPULT: Inclusion Africa since 2018, we are thrilled to announce that the 6th acceleration bootcamp will be run in French and will be hosted in Togo between 16th and 20th October 2023.

Supported by the Directorate for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs and developed by the LHoFT Foundation, the programme targets companies focusing on financial inclusion in Africa, aiming to build bridges with Luxembourg’s Microfinance industry while highlighting their initiatives in alignment with the sustainability goals of Luxembourg’s finance center.

This 6th edition will once again leverage Luxembourg ‘s Inclusive Finance and Fintech ecosystem to support selected firms in developing their businesses and achieving their inclusion goals. In addition, firms will participate in the African Micro Finance Week (SAM) thus gathering with the whole Micro Finance community while making meaningful connections with entrepreneurs, VCs, IMFs and many more.

Catapult: inclusion Africa - Togo Edition

5 days, in person, in Togo

October 16th to 20th 2023
Costs are fully covered* for selected participants

(*for more information, please refer to Eligibility Criteria section)



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A 5-day training and networking Bootcamp, from October 16th to 20th  2023, run in Togo, for 10 selected Fintech firms working to improve financial inclusion in Africa.


The Bootcamp leverages Luxembourg’s Inclusive Finance and Fintech ecosystem in order to support the selected firms in developing their businesses and achieving their inclusion goals.


To connect financial inclusion Fintechs from Africa with key stakeholders like Microfinance Institutions, Investors and Industry Experts and to learn how to become more efficient and effective in reaching underserved market segments.


Building on the success and experience of past editions and other financial inclusion programmes, this unique bootcamp is aligned with the sustainability goals of Luxembourg’s financial centre. It is fully funded by the Luxembourg Government. The whole bootcamp will be run in French.


Delivered in collaboration with key stakeholders from the microfinance, sustainable finance and traditional finance sectors.

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