Green Fintech

September 16th to 20th 2024
In person – Luxembourg
Costs are fully covered for selected participants


The Catapult: Green Fintech program is a dynamic one-week bootcamp tailored for firms.

The program is run on-site at the LHoFT’s innovation Hub in Luxembourg.

Sponsored by the Ministry of Finance and co-facilitated by LSFI, the Luxembourg Sustainable Finance Initiative, this program is delivered by the LHoFT in collaboration with exclusive partners in the Luxembourg sustainable services ecosystem.

Built around three key pillars—impact, scaling, and funding—the program offers participants a unique opportunity to engage with leaders, investors, professionals and founders in Luxembourg’s Green Finance landscape, gaining invaluable insights and knowledge. Participants will gain access to and participate in LSFI’s annual Sustainable Finance Summit, taking part in specialised sessions focused on ESG Data and biodiversity, among others.

The Catapult: Green Fintech program accommodates 10 promising Fintech firms, providing them with a dedicated platform for nurturing and accelerating their growth, thereby fostering innovation in sustainable financial technologies.

Catapult: Green Fintech 2024

Focus areas:

Green Finance & Investment Solutions

Financial products, services, and solutions that support the integration of environmental impacts and contribute to the transition towards transition a more sustainable economy.

Environment & Measurement

Field or discipline that involves assessing, measuring, and monitoring the different environmental aspects.

Sustainability & Financial Regulation

Integration of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) regulatory requirements into financial processes and practices to promote sustainable economic development.

Green Finance Data & Reporting

Collection, reporting and disclosure of information that supports the consideration of financial decissions’ environmental impact.

The 10 selected participants in the program will be delivering innovative solutions related to these focus areas. At the end of the program, the participants will perform their final pitch to an esteemed jury of experts from the spheres of sustainable finance and impact investing.

Why Luxembourg:

  • Recognised as one of the most innovative countries in the EU. 
  • Most open economy in Europe and worldwide.
  • Largest financial centre in the Eurozone and largest fund center in the EU.
  • Leading international platform for sustainable finance, supporting a range of activities from responsible investment funds and blended finance to green bond listings and ESG fund labelling.
  • Home to the world’s first platform dedicated to green securities.
  • 67,3% of the Luxembourg’s overall UCITS fund asset being ESG.
  • Holding 21% of global ESG AuM.
  • 67% of UCITS AuM in Luxembourg invested in funds adhering to either Art. 8 or Art. 9 of SFDR.

With Luxembourg’s strategic focus on sustainable finance, digitalisation and the “start-up nation”, Catapult: Green Fintech will boost opportunity for the participating Fintech firms, providing them with engaged access to Luxembourg’s thriving financial services ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions


Catapult: Green Fintech is a one-week acceleration program, open to Fintech firms from across the globe. The program seeks innovators aiming to providing essential tools to facilitate the digital transformation of the financial sector, with a focus on green/sustainable finance.


10 Fintech companies will be selected for the Catapult: Green Fintech. We are particularly interested in B2B Fintechs that specialize in innovative solutions related to Green Finance & Investment solutions, Environment & Measurement, Sustainability & Financial Regulation, and Green Finance Data & Reporting.


Aligning with the LHoFT’s mission to ensure the future competitiveness of Luxembourg’s financial services sector, as well as the national strategic focus on Sustainable Finance and fostering a thriving startup ecosystem, the Catapult: Green Finance program aims to drive innovation, mobilize capital, and help accelerate the transition to a green world through the use of cutting edge technology solutions in finance.


Gear up for a transformative one-week program, the inaugural edition of Catapult: Green Finance commences on Monday September 16th 2024 and closes on September 20th 2024. Participants will be integrated into LSFI’s annual Sustainable Finance Summit, participating in specialised sessions focused on ESG Data and biodiversity, among others.


Catapult: Green Fintech is structured to optimize learning and development, encompassing classroom tutorials, expert talks, customer discovery sessions, challenges, personalized one-to-one meetings, pitching sessions, mentorship engagements, and networking events.

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If you are interested in being part of Catapult: Green Fintech

Eligibility Criteria

  • Selected companies will have a product market fit and some paying clients or/and partnered with professional services.
  • Companies will be likely be funded at the seed or series A stage of funding.
  • Companies will submit all necessary information to the LHoFT in order to assess the viability of the project, company, background of owners and key shareholders to limit the risks of non-compliance or doubtful application of the program.
  • Companies must agree and shall provide on-going performance metrics and business status for a period of three years post program completion to the LHoFT for the purpose of program evaluation.
  • The selected companies must guarantee that a founding team member, typically the CEO, will attend the program for the duration of the two weeks.

Covered Costs

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Sponsors, Mentors & Guests:

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