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NOVEMBER 11th to 15th 2024
Costs are fully covered* for selected participants

Catapult: Inclusion Africa

Building upon the success of the CATAPULT: Inclusion Africa programs delivered since 2018 and sponsored by the Directorate for Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs, the LHoFT is excited to announce the 7th edition of this unique bootcamp fully dedicated to African Fintech and Financial Inclusion. This dynamic one-week bootcamp, seeks to empower startups driving financial innovation while also making a meaningful environmental impact on inclusivity. Hosted within the LHoFT’s innovation hub in Luxembourg, the program will run from November 11th to November 15th, 2024. The program benefits from robust collaboration with exclusive partners in the Luxembourg Financial Inclusion services ecosystem, in particular, e-MFP.

Centred around three key pillars—impact, scaling, and funding—the program offers participants a unique opportunity to engage with leaders, investors, and founders in Luxembourg’s Financial Inclusion, Fintech and financial services ecosystem, gaining invaluable insights and knowledge. Additionally, participants will be integrated into the European Microfinance Week providing them significant visibility and connectivity. The final day will provide participants with the opportunity to pitch in front of an expert audience.

The Catapult: Inclusion Africa program accommodates 10 promising Fintech firms (travel and accommodation costs covered for one participant per Fintech), providing them with a dedicated platform for nurturing and accelerating their growth.

APPLY NOW if you are focused on delivering innovative solutions with tangible impact, spanning areas such as digital banking and payment solutions, money transfer, lending and financial management, online trading platforms, credit scoring, Insurtech, AgriTech, RegTech, financial literacy and education, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and more.

Catapult Africa - Edition 6-min
Catapult: inclusion Africa

5 days, in person

November 11 to 15th 2024
Costs are fully covered* for selected participants

(*for more information, please refer to Eligibility Criteria section)

Why Luxembourg:

  • European leader in responsible investment fund assets, accounting for 31% of funds and 39% of all assets under management, and has an extensive ecosystem of supporting initiatives and institutions.
  • Committed to the eradication of extreme poverty and support for sustainable development.
  • Exceeded official development assistance aid donations set by the UN’s Millennium Development Goals, committing an average 1% of gross national income over the past 5 years.
  • Facilitating the establishment of the European Microfinance Platform.
  • Spearheading field research in the inclusive finance sector.
  • Set up a Responsible Investing fund labelling agency, LuxFLAG with the support of the European Investment Bank and six other partners from the civil and private sectors.
  • Making Fintech a strategic focus area for the LHoFT in the realm of financial inclusion aligns with Luxembourg’s goals.
  • Delivering annually the European Microfinance Award annually in Luxembourg.

With Luxembourg’s strategic focus on financial inclusion and digitalisation, Catapult: Inclusion Africa will boost opportunity for the participating Fintech firms, providing them with engaged access to Luxembourg’s thriving financial services ecosystem.


Participants to Catapult: Inclusion Africa

Participants, Sponsors, Mentors & Guests: 
If you have any questions or would like to send us a comment, contact our Head of Acceleration Programs: [email protected]


A 5-day intensive training and networking bootcamp delivered in English and fully funded by the Luxembourg Government. It is structured around 3 pillars: Impact, Scaling & Funding.


10 selected Fintech companies operating in any country across the African continent, regardless of their headquarters. Applicants must be engaged in the field of financial inclusion, working to provide underserved and unbanked populations with access to financial products and services.


To connect financial inclusion Fintechs from Africa with key stakeholders—such as Microfinance Institutions, investors, and industry experts—and to help these firms to become more efficient and effective in reaching and serving underserved market segments with sustained impact.


The 7th edition of Catapult: Inclusion Africa commences on Monday, November 11th until November 15th 2024 in Luxembourg. The 10 selected Fintechs will participate and engage in the European Microfinance Week, a significant event in the Financial Inclusion sector and a unique meeting point for microfinance and financial inclusion professionals working worldwide.


Delivered in collaboration with key stakeholders from the microfinance, sustainable finance and traditional finance sectors, the bootcamp encompasses classroom tutorials, customer discovery sessions, challenges, pitching sessions, mentoring engagements and networking events, including the European Microfinance Week.

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If you are interested in being part of Catapult: Inclusion Africa

Eligibility Criteria

  • Selected fintechs must have at least a demonstrable Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and have typically received at least seed stage funding.
  • Fintechs must be active in the financial inclusion field, working to provide underserved and unbanked populations in Africa with access to financial products and services.
  • Fintechs will be required to submit all necessary information to the LHoFT to assess the project’s viability, the company’s background, and the profiles of the owners and key shareholders.
  • The selected fintechs must ensure that a founding team member, preferably the CEO, will attend the program for its entire duration. Additionally, fintechs must agree to provide ongoing performance metrics and business status updates to the LHoFT for a period of three years following program completion for evaluation purposes.

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