The Blockhouse Technology Ltd

Building trusted by design services, for a modern…
Country of incorporation: UK
Year of incorporation: 2018


A.W. Roscoe (founder) | A.W. Roscoe (founder) | A.W. Roscoe (founder)

Elevator Pitch

Building trusted by design services, for a modern, secure and private, digital society.

Problem Solved

• Secure storage and access to digital assets – protection against hackers, external and internal attacks, key leakage and losses

• Confidential computing, secured data sharing and access to personal data – protection against loss and leakage of personal data or unauthorised access

Solution / Technology

Distributed platform based on trusted execution environment, secure multi-party computation and blockchain.

The platform is enabling:

• Key management service,
• Trustless Custody & Digital Signing Service, storing user’s digital assets and private keys with a custodian, without disclosing those assets and keys to the service
• Identity management & accountability service, binding physical, real world and digital identities


• Trustless and confidential computing technologies
• World-class research and development team

Market Size

~ 10 billion $

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