Quant is a leader in blockchain interoperability and innovation. They help banks and businesses enter the blockchain economy with a solid and secure foundation. Their patented technology simplifies the tokenisation and management of any asset, from money to carbon credits, ensuring their ownership, traceability and future compatibility. They also offer fast, profitable and risk-free solutions for their clients, with high standards of security and compliance.
Country of incorporation: United Kingdom


Gilbert Verdian, Founder and CEO – [email protected] | Andrew Carrier, Chief Marketing Officer – [email protected] | Martin Hargreaves, Chief Product Officer – [email protected] | Kirat Rawel, Head of Divisional Sales – [email protected]

Elevator Pitch

Quant is a pioneering blockchain platform for financial institutions, enterprises, and developers. With a focus on simplicity, trust, and future-proofing, they offer interoperable, user-friendly, and secure solutions. Led by experienced executives, Quant enables customers to save time, generate revenue, and reduce risk while staying agile and in control of their infrastructure.

Problem Solved

Quant assists enterprises seeking to integrate digital currencies, programmable payments, or tokenized assets or funds into their business. Many face challenges with the complexity of the technology or concerns about making costly mistakes during implementation.

Solution / Technology

Quant’s technology connects legacy systems, new applications, and tokenised assets to transform a wide variety of business areas.

Market Size

Citi expects $4 trillion to $5 trillion of tokenised digital securities and $1 trillion of distributed ledger technology-based trade finance volumes by 2030.

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