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December 11 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

The Academic Digital Radar


A continuous concern of any leader is to know in advance which technology is going to influence market to stay ahead of competition. Leveraging its academic background and DNA, BTO developed the Digital Academic Radar based on academic sources to determine and identify main technologies that will impact the financial industry today and the imminent future. Inspiring innovators and partners of the LHoFT will share use-cases of how NLP, Blockchain and Quantum computing are and will disrupt tomorrow’s financial services industry.


Presentation of BTO and it’s Digital Academic Radar with a focus on banking – (Speakers Alessia BonannoMarco CastelliAlessandro Poli)

Introduction of the main technologies impacting banking today, tomorrow, and after tomorrow – ( Marco CastelliAlessandro Poli – 15 minutes)

Fintech use-cases & industry showcases (10 minutes each)

Q&A (15 minutes)

About our speakers:

Paolo Brignardello is Chief Commercial Officer at Funds DLT a cross-boundary, decentralized platform making investment fund distribution easier, cheaper and transparent. He is former Head of Product Management and Marketing at Fundsquare and former Senior Manager Business Transition at RBC Investor Services.

Olivier Debeugny is the CEO of Lingua Custodia, a startup specialised in the application of Artificial intelligence to financial translations and develops customised machine translation engines as well as document specific translation machine engines. Olivier has a strong background in the management of international teams as well as a very high level of understanding of the asset management and also translation industry. He is used to interacting at CEO and board level to share his insights regarding Marketing and client servicing strategies as well as operational efficiency and Lean methodology.

Eric Mely is IT Project Director at Socitete Generale focusing on implementing new innovation initiative to support the bank’s Transformation in a international context. He is former Head of CSR for GTS G Quantum Computing Cummunity Leader and former Chief Technology Officer at Societe Generale Luxembourg.

Alessia Bonanno is Country Manager at BTO Research. She is in charge of planning, launching and managing the internalization of BTO Recherche in Luxembourg and operates as the lead point of contact for all matters specific to partners, overseeing customer account management leading a team of 14 people between business developers and consultants.

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