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October 14 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

LinkedIn Lead Generation To Exceed Your Sales and Marketing Goals


MasterClass for LinkedIn Lead Generation

To exceed your sales and marketing goals

Do you know over 78% B2B leads are coming from LinkedIn? From branding awareness to nurturing to lead generation, LinkedIn is the B2B marketing powerhouse. That being said, you’re not guaranteed leads by virtue of just being on the platform.

Join us for an on-demand LinkedIn Masterclass where LinkedIn Coach Salina will share a combined set of winning strategies to capture leads on LinkedIn – poise your personal and company profiles to maximize visibility and get in front of the audience that matters to your business.

After attending this Masterclass, you’ll understand:

  • How to optimize your professional profile and company page for sales
  • LinkedIn InMail Best Practices
  • How to leverage LinkedIn Analytics and Lead Gen Forms

Speaker’s bio

Salina Yeung – LinkedIn Certified Coach, TEDx Keynote Speaker, 2018 LinkedIn Power Profile and Chairperson for several International Women@Tech Groups. Over 8 years of experience in B2B marketing and sales, specializing in solving complex business problems via marketing and sales alignment, innovative sales strategies, and breakthrough content marketing. Her true passion lies in connecting with people and her best work comes from helping clients express their best selves and really letting them shine. During her tenure at LinkedIn these past few years, she has trained over 8,000 execs from around the world and consulted for Fortune 500 brands in multiple markets (UK, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, and Singapore) about the power of digital marketing and personal branding.

Her recent venture, LinkedIn-Pro, a go-to platform empowering brands and individuals to maximize their results on LinkedIn.

Follow her profile and #InItWithSalina to stay abreast of the latest marketing innovations and LinkedIn updates.

Connect with Salina on Linkedin and everywhere else. Check below

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