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May 15 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

The Employment Landscape Covid19 and beyond : “Learn about the latest aid schemes & opportunities to seize”


The LHoFT team is pleased to invite you to an exclusive workshop on “The Employment Landscape Covid19 and beyond : “Learn about the latest aid schemes & opportunities to seize” with experts from ADEM & Do Recruitment Advisors & MoBerries


Part 1: Mr. Laurent Peusch – Deputy Head of Employer Services at Adem – The Luxembourg Employment Agency

  • Government perspective on the current employment aid schemes
  • Which companies are eligible for which schemes?
  • An outlook and trends on the employment market Post-Covid19

Part 2: Ms. Sinead O’Donnell – CEO Do Recruitment Advisors

A leading recruitment firm’s perspective on how they are managing the COVID crisis from a company standpoint and what they have put in place in conjunction with the ADEM

  • What are the major changes in the hiring, staffing, recruitment processes?
  • What are the recruitment opportunities in this current climate?

Part 3: Mo Moubarak – Head of Business Dev. of Moberries

  • An AI-driven Recruitment platform perspective on the current Covid19 crisis.
  • How can technology be leveraged to support solving employment issues now and Post-Covid19

Get your questions ready for the open Q&A

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Meet the speakers:

Mr. Laurent Peusch – Deputy Head of Employer Services at Adem

After graduating from technical school for health profession in 2004, Laurent Peusch worked for a short time in the hospital sector. In 2005, Laurent Peusch joined the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, the Directorate of Immigration at the Department of third-country workers. In 2007, after 2 years Peusch Laurent joined the foreign employment department at the Luxemburgish Public Employment Services, where he was promoted head of department in 2012. In 2016, the foreign employment department has been integrated into the employer department where Laurent Peusch became the deputy head and still responsible for all matters related to the third-country nationals and the asylum seekers.

Ms. Sinead O’Donnell – CEO Do Recruitment Advisors

Sinead O’Donnell has become an expert in identifying and attracting the finest candidate talent available from both local and international sources by using her extensive and detailed knowledge of the Luxembourg employment market, knowledge that she has built up from working in the Grand Duchy for over two decades. She attained her 4-year management degree from the GMIT in Galway. Her first job was with the Irish Embassy in Luxembourg. In 1999, she moved to the financial sector until 2001 when she made the transition into recruitment. In 2008, with business partner Nathalie Delebois, she founded DO Recruitment Advisors, a highly renowned recruitment agency that has accumulated numerous industry awards.


Mr. Mo Moubarak – Head of Business Development

Mo Moubarak has over a decade of experience in business development. He helped scale startups across sectors in fintech, marketing, e-commerce, fashion & recruitment. He focuses on optimizing sales infrastructures as well as building & training teams. Currently, as the head of business development at MoBerries, he focuses on growth while creating an equal opportunity that works for everyone.


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