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September 20 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

How to manage efficiently your product team


It’s not enough to hire skilled people, you need to create the environment and lead your team to high performance.

Agile values, principles and practices provide a great framework to achieve that goal.

3 main takeaways

In this workshop provided to you by Agile Partner you will learn:

  • The basics to setup an agile team;
  • Tips to work with team members distributed across various locations;
  • How to manage your team work for maximizing the value creation for your startup.

Speakers Biographies

1. Mathieu Dietrich

Between 2010 and 2016, Mathieu was both IT Project Manager and Technical Architect. During this period, he contributed to a DevOps initiative, aimed at streamlining and improving cooperation between development and production teams. It is also at this time that he fell into the pot of agility, and gradually switched to a role of facilitator and Scrum Master to help the first agile teams freshly created. This role has evolved rapidly to become Agile Coach, with teams working in Scrum or Kanban. Coaching, graphic facilitation, team bootstrap or agile scaling – “Agile @ Scale” – are now his favorite playgrounds.

2. Eric Ferrot

Eric is a senior consultant specialized in Agile Methodologies. He started his career as a software developer in 1999 and moved to agile coaching after working for seven years in an agile team that began with Scrum and then switched to Kanban. He is now an Agile Coach since four years. As a result, Eric is kind of an agile Swiss Knife with facilitation skills as well as software engineering skills, including continuous integration and various testing techniques. He is both fluent in French (mother tongue) and English (10+ years as working language).

Company Description

Agile Partner, the agile software development company. We develop your software and we develop your agility.

Since 2004, Agile Partner has been helping its customers to exploit the innovative potential of software technologies and the human potential of their teams. Thanks to agile principles and practices we can help you be a more efficient and more resilient venture.

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