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November 4 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Content Strategy: 10 Pitfalls and how to deal with them


We all are running content actions and proving effectiveness is anything but easy. Let’s discuss our common challenges and learn together how to get over them.

Think of the last article that became truly unforgettable. In the content economy, building a digital marketing funnel without content marketing as an ally is almost unreasonable. Let’s fix it!

What you can expect!

1) Understanding the strategic value of content in today’s digital-driven businesses and increasingly digitalised society.

2) Getting insights into how to make that content operational so it can fit the  business goals.

3) Adopting a lab-like mindset when it comes to content, to test new formats and ways, and adapt to what audiences prefer. formats and not master any.

About Luis:

Luis Salerno teams up with firms to make their business history an unforgettable story. He helps them to connect those stories with their audiences, assessing which channels are the most suitable ones and what content formats resonate better with them, crafting a digital journey empowered by smart content strategy leading to business results. By understanding the raison d’être of each communication channel, Luis creates content that follows an inbound approach taking into account UX principles for more enjoyable interactions enhancing your brand.





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