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The LHoFT’s Catapult: Future Foundation Program is a strategic initiative designed to address the most significant challenges and opportunities in the Luxembourg financial services industry.

Our mission is to foster the development and deployment of technology platforms that serve mutualised objectives, essentially creating shared utilities for collective benefit.

Drawing from industry insights, we identify and systematically address each pressing issue. We invite Fintech and Tech firms to propose innovative solutions based on clearly defined requirements. The most promising contenders are selected to participate in an immersive one-week bootcamp in Luxembourg.

This intensive programme culminates in the selection of a winning solution, which we support for deployment across Luxembourg institutions.

Guiding this initiative is our distinguished Steering Committee, comprising executives from all associations representing Luxembourg’s finance industry.

This collaborative approach underscores our commitment to harnessing collective expertise to drive innovation and growth for Luxembourg.

The LHoFT's Catapult Future Foundations

The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee sets the vision, goals, and objectives of the program, reviews and approves requirements and criteria, and monitors the progress and outcomes.

Hind El Gaidi
Head of Luxembourg, ICG
- - -
Chair Person
Ananda Kautz
Head of Innovation, Payments & Sustainability - Member of the Management Board of ABBL
- - -
Vice - Chair Person
Nasir Zubairi
Chief Executive Officer, Luxembourg House of Financial Technology

Jean Elia
Chief Executive Officer, SOGELIFE S.A.
Loïc Le Foll
Chief Executive Officer La Mondiale Europartner, AG2R LA MONDIALE
Cara Browne
Head of Relationship Management, Conducting Officer UCI Administration, EQT Group
Esther Bauer
Strategy & Corporate Development Team Leader, Banque Internationale à Luxembourg (BIL)
Joseph E. Hendry, III
Principal and Country Head, BBH in Luxembourg
Frank Mausen
Partner, Allen & Overy
Holger von Keutz
Partner, PwC
Pierre Schoonbroodt
Chief Financial Officer & Member of the Executive Committee, Luxembourg Stock Exchange
Sinan Sar
Managing Director United International Management S.A.
Alan Dundon
President L3A; Relationship Manager & Executive Sponsor, Alter Domus

The Steering Committee Observers

Natasha Deloge
Deputy Head of the Innovation, Payments, Markets Infrastructures and Governance Department, CSSF
Pierre Oberle
Sustainable finance and financial centre development advisor, Ministry of Finance.

It Works


The LHoFT's Catapult: Future Foundation

Facing multifaceted challenges in AML, KYC, IT security, and ESG, financial institutions and their clients are in a complex interplay of compliance, inefficiency,
and data privacy concerns.

The Steering Committee have pinpointed four key clusters that the Catapult: Future Foundations program
will focus on.

Key Priorities

  1. KYC – a centralised “clearing” platform for customer documentation.
  2. KYC – a customer document exchange
  3. KYC – a technology-driven solution to foster the creation of an industry-wide benchmark for KYC processes
  4. AML – AI-Enhanced Transaction Oversight and Reporting
  1. Secure regulatory reporting and information exchange facilitating standardisation
  2. Secure data/document exchange between entities
Cloud Security
  1. Cloud management solutions guaranteeing data protection and operational excellence.
  2. Open-source vulnerability data sharing
  3. Mutualized cybersecurity standards and certifications
  1. Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data collection, verification, storage, exchange, and reporting.
  2. Certification of energy consumption data aligned with ESG principles.


Our program is dedicated to the development and implementation of mutualised technology platforms for the Luxembourg Financial Services sector. Its primary mission is to establish collaborative utilities that deliver collective advantages.


Technology companies of all shapes and sizes. We aim to select a minimum of five applications to participate in the intensive one-week bootcamp.




The program’s scope encompasses industry-specific challenges and opportunities. Each edition will place a distinct focus on enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring compliance.


The inaugural edition of our Program will occur in 2024.


Our program team will collaborate closely with Luxembourg’s financial services associations and a diverse spectrum of financial services stakeholders to meticulously gather solution requirements. These requirements will guide the application requirements for the program. 

Get Involved!

If you are interested in becoming a part of our Working Group, please reach out to Anna Sobkow, Senior Program Manager : [email protected]

Catapult: Future Foundations Programme

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