Collaborating on Fintech Hiring Challenges: Your AI Powered Solution

With MoBerries, an AI-driven recruitment platform, you have access to over 60.000 candidates from all over the world, but most importantly, you can share the candidates that are already part of the LHoFT network of companies.

You can use the MoBerries platform for free as a member of the LHoFT. There are no fees and no contracts associated. The candidates recommended by the LHoFT members are free of charge. You pay only when you hire a candidate sourced by MoBerries.

Let Mo, founder of MoBerries, explain how this works:

Contact MoBerries Partner Manager at [email protected]

MoBerries has already established relationships with leading German fintech companies.

“We have worked with MoBerries since 2016 and have hired over 30 people through the platform. The smart matching system saves us a lot of time and the opportunity to send candidates in MoBerries’ way, assures us that they are taken care of.”

Maria Mezher 
People and Organization Business Partner – FinReach Solutions

“MoBerries offers a very uncomplicated way to quickly identify applicants for a new job. It’s unbeatable especially when sourcing for junior and entry-level positions. The job descriptions can be adjusted or changed at any time. Accepting and rejecting candidate’s is child’s play. Really interested candidates usually answer within a few hours. On top of that, the support of the MoBerries team is great! They are always ready with answers and ready to optimize the output for open positions. We will definitely use MoBerries in the times to come. :)”

Franziska Haeßler
Head of Human Resources – kapilendo AG

Members of the LHoFT already leveraging the Shared Talent Pool:


The LHoFT Foundation

The LHoFT Foundation is a not-for-profit initiative supported by the public & private sector to drive innovation for, and digitialisation of Luxembourg’s financial services industry. The LHoFT is the national platform and central hub for Fintech, working to connect the domestic and international community to solve challenges and address opportunities that will ensure the Financial Industry’s continued competitiveness.

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