behave builds quantitative factor based models for investment professionals, including stock and style selection as well as sector and equity/cash allocation.
Country of incorporation: Luxembourg
Year of incorporation: 2012


Mr Alexandre Colin, CEO | Mr. Noël Henrot, CTO | [email protected] | +(352) 27 00 32 97

Elevator Pitch

Generate Alpha in a Smart Beta world.

One stop web platform to build and backtest advanced factor models, using point in time financial databases (published, consensus, ESG, proprietary, …) and machine learning for factor selection.

Problem Solved

  • Building factor models becomes a hobby with a unique drag & drop interface
  • Forget about coding and data feed issues
  • Cost is no longer a problem

Solution / Technology

  • Saas
  • Web-based platform
  • Cloud server
  • API access


No programming skills needed, top ranked turn-key models, time-varying models using AI, aggressive pricing.

Market Size

Portfolio management and analytics is a USD 4.8 Bln market.

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