CATAPULT: FundTech 360°

1st Edition!

CATAPULT Fundtech 360 - LHoFT - Luxembourg

Unlocking the future of the Fund Industry

Catapult: FundTech 360° program is a dynamic two-week bootcamp for Post-Seed Fintech firms.

The program takes place partially online and also on-site at the LHoFT’s innovation hub in Luxembourg.

Co-sponsored by ALFI, the Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry, and MiddleGame Ventures, this program is delivered by the LHoFT with robust support from partners in the financial services and Fintech sectors. The program is built around key challenges defined by the fund industry in Luxembourg.

Participants in this program will have the unique opportunity to connect with fund industry leaders, investors, and founders, gaining valuable insights and knowledge.

The Catapult: FundTech 360° program will accommodate 10 promising Fintech firms.

Selected participants will typically have a strong affinity with Luxembourg’s financial center and a specific focus on delivering innovative solutions related to:

  • Governance workflows and reporting
  • Cyber/Risk management
  • ESG data management
  • AI/ML-driven processes

At the end of the program, all participants will present their pitches to a jury at the ALFI conference.

CATAPULT FUNDTECH 360° LHoFT Program Luxembourg

Why Catapult: FunchTech 360° for Fintechs ?

Aligning with the LHoFT’s mission to ensure the future competitiveness of Luxembourg’s financial services sector, as well as the national strategic focus on fostering a thriving startup ecosystem, the Catapult: FundTech 360° program aims to resolve key challenges for Luxembourg’s largest sector of financial services, the fund industry. The program will leverage the interconnected and accessible fund industry in Luxembourg, harnessing the expertise and experience available within our centre.

Through this program, our objective is to support the development of Fintech solutions that deliver significant value to fund industry stakeholders while offering promising growth opportunities to emerging technology companies.

Fintech participants in the program have the real opportunity to establish valuable partnerships with one or more Luxembourg institutions through the connections made during the bootcamp. These partnerships could lead to Proof of Concept (PoC) and sales agreements, further propelling the growth of the participating companies.

Check out the 1st edition of Catapult: Fundtech 360°

The Fintech acceleration program for post-seed startups

Catapult: FundTech 360° is aimed at helping post-seed Fintech firms to develop their business models and to adapt to real customer needs.

Participants will receive guidance on how to build their business, identify and manage risk, deal with investment opportunities while working on practical tactics for customer acquisition and growth.

They will also have the opportunity to meet and learn from industry leaders, investors and key fintech stakeholders.

On the final day, the entrepreneurs will pitch their project to an elite group of judges at the ALFI Conference.


Building Business Acumen

Participate in expert-led interactive sessions focused on essential business building strategies such as business model mapping, market mapping, operations, growth, and scaling. Utilize tools like the Business Model Canvas to adapt and align your business strategies effectively to new markets.


Cultivating a Supportive Network

Immerse yourself in a collaborative environment with fellow program participants. Share stories, exchange ideas, and build meaningful relationships that transcend the program’s duration. Foster a lifelong support network that thrives on mutual assistance and shared wisdom.


Gaining Insights from Industry Mentors

Benefit from the wealth of knowledge within Luxembourg’s extensive startup and financial services ecosystem. Engage with mentors and business professionals who will provide valuable advice and guidance, aiding your journey towards scaling and success.


Funding: Unlocking Opportunities for Growth

Engage with active investors that could help you bolster your business’s growth trajectory. Triumph in the program and unlock a gateway to a transformative consulting program with MiddleGame Ventures and a one-year membership with the LHoFT, gaining exclusive facility access and fostering synergies with the LHoFT and ALFI partners.


FundTech 360° - 2024 Edition

March 11th to March 15th 2024 – virtual presence


March 18th to March 22nd 2024 – in person in Luxembourg



Catapult: FundTech360° is a two-week acceleration programme, open to fintech startups from across the globe. The program seeks innovators aiming to revolutionize financial services, offering essential tools to facilitate the digital transformation of businesses in the fund industry.


10 Fintech companies will be selected for the Catapult: FundTech 360°. We are particularly interested in B2B fintech companies that specialize in innovative solutions related to Governance workflows, Cyber/Risk management, ESG data management, and AI/ML-driven processes, leveraging technologies such as Blockchain and Big Data, aligning with the strategic interests of Luxembourg’s financial services ecosystem.


Aligning with the LHoFT’s mission to ensure the future competitiveness of Luxembourg’s financial services sector, as well as the national strategic focus on fostering a thriving startup ecosystem, the Catapult: FundTech 360° program aims to resolve key challenges for Luxembourg’s largest sector of financial services, the fund industry.


Gear up for a transformative 2-week program; the inaugural edition of Catapult: Fundtech 360 commences on Monday, March 11th 2024, and culminates on Friday, March 22nd 2024. Experience the first week of immersive learning virtually, followed by a week of enriched, on-site interactions at the LHoFT premises in Luxembourg, fostering a blend of flexibility and in-depth engagement.


Catapult: FundTech 360° is structured to optimize learning and development, encompassing classroom tutorials, expert talks, customer discovery sessions, challenges, personalized one-to-one meetings, pitching sessions, mentorship engagements, and networking events.

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